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Ministry of Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports


The Ministry’s mission is to empower the communities and enable them to be directly involved in determining their needs which will promote social and economic well-being. In addition to shape a new generation of visionary leaders and resourceful individuals who are responsible, industrious, morally and spiritually strong who can in turn effectively contribute towards the building of a prosperous society in keeping with promoting peace, harmony, solidarity and stability

Major Responsibilities

  • Develops, promotes and implements community-based programs in liaison with district authorities
  • Liaises with other Ministries and agencies in order to facilitate the implementation of their programmes at district level
  • Coordinates and manages emergency programmes undertaken by district administrations and provides support and guidance in the implementation of these programmes
  • Develops and implements beautification and environment programmes at district level
  • Advises and supports government to safeguard youth dimensions in national development
  • It guides and supports the district authorities, youth clubs and other organizations in the preparation and implementation of youth development programmes and plans and conducts programmes of activities that would contribute to the morale, cultural, educational, economical, artistically creative and physical advancement of the Seychellois youth.
  • Promote and develop a Seychellois identity
  • Protect, safeguard and develop the moral, ethical, and spiritual values of Seychellois culture and dignity, including the protection of intellectual property and the cultural, as well as the natural heritage of Seychelles
  • Preserve our traditional culture and values alongside contemporary lifestyles and developments, in order to ensure the preservation and protection of our small island culture against all adverse cultural industries, national and international
  • Ensure that every Seychellois has the opportunity to play, receive physical education and acquire basic sports skills that they acquire a lifelong habit of sport and leisure activity in all forms and have the opportunity to develop and maximize their talents.
  • Ensure that the components of the sport delivery system are connected harmonized and coordinated as a result of the committed collaboration, interaction and communication within and between the sports organizations and communities.
  • Safeguard sports and sports participants from all kind of exploitation and from practices that are abusive or debasing including violence and use of banned substances.
  • Ensure that sports development programmes are effectively coordinated and fit within a coherent pattern designed to deliver common objectives.

For more information, please visit the respective department website, Minister for Community Development, youth, culture and sports


Contact Information

Oceangate House
P.O Box 731,
Victoria, Mahe

Tel No: (248) 22 54 77
Fax No: (248) 22 52 54