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Secondary school

Secondary school
Children of the age eleven years and seventeen years are supp  may attend the secondary school. For more information, contact Ministry of Education.

Changing school
Parent of the child who wish to change school must write a letter to the Principal Secretary for Education at least one month in advance, routing the letter through the School Head teacher. Then the parent will receive a letter of acknowledgement within seven days from the date the letter was received. A second letter of acceptance or rejection will be forwarded to you two weeks after completion of formalities.
If there is no response from the Ministry within this time frame, please contact the Schools Division 

What is the next step after secondary school?
Once you have reached the age of 17 years or 18 years, you have to start thinking about your career. Let us offer you the help for you to decide about the career you would like to take up. Government offers post-secondary education for students who meet the criteria of the various courses available at a number of national academic and vocational institutions. For more information, contact Ministry of Education.

University and higher education
The government offers scholarships to eligible candidates for tertiary overseas education. For more information, contact Ministry of Education.

Contact information
Ministry of Education
Mont Fleuri,
P.O. Box 48,
Republic of Seychelles
Telex: 2305 MINED SZ
Tel: 283283
Fax: 224859
Education Services Bureau:

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