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Setting Up Your Business
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Starting up your business
6 Steps for Start-Ups

The following steps also apply to projects with foreign partnership carried out by citizens.
These are 6 general steps that you need to follow in order to set up your business.

1. Submit a project memorandum
You need to get an approval from the Government of Seychelles by submitting
a business plan/project memorandum of your proposed project/business to the
Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB). Your project memorandum must be in line
with SIB Guidelines.
The bureau will process your project proposal and communicate the decision by way
of a formal letter to you within 30 days from the date of receipt of your proposal, if no other documents requested by SIB are required.
After obtaining an approval for your project proposal, you must then begin the
process of obtaining the required licenses.

2.Register your business
You need to register your business with the appropriate authority. For most business,
this will be the Registrar. >>more

3. Obtain a construction permission
You need to apply for a contruction permission if your business involved any
construction from the Planning Authority, Ministry of National Development.
An Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) from the Department of Environment will be carried out as well.

4.Occupational Safety and Health Inspection
If your business consists of activities, such as food or chemical processing, that can put the life of the public and your employees at risk, an Occupational Safety and Health inspection needs to be carried out. Contact the Department of Health, Ministry of Health and Social Development for more information.

5.Apply for a permit or license
In order for your business to be operational, you need to apply for your
license or permit from the Seychelles Licensing Authority(SLA).

6.Register with Social Security Fund
Within 7 days of the commencement of your business, your business needs to be
registered with the Social Security Fund, Ministry of Finance.


Businesses not requiring submission of a project memorandum
to SIB :

1. Fisheries and Agriculture Sector

Investment projects below SR150,000, except in the following cases:
i - Proposed project introducing/venturing into a new produce never or not
commonly done in the country
ii - Proposed project introducing new technology that has never been applied in the

2. Industrial Sector

2.1 - Cottage Industry
'Cottage Industry' means an activity in which a product or service is generated for commercial purposes by not more than five individuals within the premises occupied by one or more of them.

2.2 - Small Businesses
'Small business' means a business carried on by the owner himself or in partnership and the number of persons engaged in the business activity including the owner or owners does not exceed five.

Businesses not requiring a license or a permit :

1. Agriculture Sector, excluding livestock business projects

Businesses requiring registration with other authorities :

1. Agriculture business projects with the Ministry Of Environment, Natural Resources and Transport

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