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Setting Up Your Business
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Starting up your business

The Seychelles economy is growing at a fast rate which creates investment opportunities in many business sectors ranging from the tourism sector to the IT, Communication and financial sectors. Gradual privatization process designed to stimulate growth, productivity and trade, the promotion of competition, the creation of additional employment opportunities, and a series of incentives for the different sectors are some of the measures introduced by the government to further encourage private sector led growth and investment.

Starting up your business
Cottage Industry

A cottage industry constitutes a small group of not more than 5 persons, who use their in-house skills and ingenuity to generate a product or service which can be sold. Owner(s) and manager(s) must be active in the business. The operation of the business must take place at the home of the owner(s) or manager(s).

Small Enterprises

'Small Enterprise' means a business carried on by the owner himself or in partnership and the number of persons engaged in the business activity including the owner or owners does not exceed five.

The Small Enterprise Promotion Agency(SEnPA) implements the policy and strategies pertaining to small enterprises, crafts and cottage industries, guides the development and maintenance of infrastructures and provides training and assistance in business matters to small enterprises, crafts and cottage industries.

For more information, please contact SEnPA.

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