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Obtain a National identity Card

It is mandatory for all residents of Seychelles to hold a valid National identity card. It serves as a proof of identity and use when conducting any official transaction.

Where can I get it?

The ID Office in the Oceangate House, ground floor .

What document do I need to present?

For Citizen,
• Birth certificate
• Certificate of registration or Naturalization where applicable

For Expatriate,
• Passport
• Dependent permit
• Residence permit

How much it cost?

Replacement of National Identity Card is SCR150/- for Seychellois and SCR300/- for Foreigners .

Who can apply for an identity card?

Citizen, expatriates, GOP holders and their dependents (as stated on their permit) are eligible to apply for National Identity Card.

What to do if I lose my identity card?

In case you lose your identity card, you will need to present police report when applying for the replacement.

What can I do if my identity card is damaged? As for the case of disfigured ID card, the application must be accompanied by the old ID card.

What happens if I change my name?

If you have changed your name, you must notify the Principal Civil Status Officer of the Civil Status within 60 days of the change. The application for a new card must be accompanied by the old card and a copy of the authorization of change of name issued by the Civil Status. Replacement of National Identity Card is SR150/-.

When should I return my identity card?

The identity card must be returned to the social security or the ID card office, in case of:
• A death or,
• A foreigner leaving the country.

Where do I get more information about Identity card?

Customer Service
Ground floor
Independence House

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