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Artist's Grant Programme
National Arts Council offers a Grant programme to artists of the Seychelles.

What is it?
Who can apply?
How to apply?
What are the contributions which can be made?

What is it?

The National Arts Council has created an Artist's Grant Programme, in order to establish a means of providing financial support to artists in all art forms, who show evidence of development as an artist, but can also indicate clearly in a Project Memorandum the nature of the project he or she will be undertaking, and as a result will also be contributing to the further development of the Arts in Seychelles.

Who can apply?

Artists must be a Seychellois nationals, and must be either promising, talented, serious and committed emerging artists, or semi-professionals or fulltime professionals, above the age of 15.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted as a Project addressed to the National Arts Council Board, clearly indicating all the required information in full detail, in order to ensure that all serious and committed artists are given a fair opportunity to obtain financial support which will assist towards their respective projects.
At the end of the project the artist will be required to show clear evidence of the project by providing a full report to the National Arts Council Board, and also show documentary evidence to support it.
All applications for a grant must be submitted between January - May, in order that the National Arts Council Board may be in a position to justify the grants offered to artists the following year.
After careful study of the project, the National Arts Council Board will determine whether the artist's project:
  • Merits a Grant, i.e. a sum of money given to the artist on merit for the realization of a project that will not only advance the career of the artist, but will also make a valuable contribution to the further development of the Arts in Seychelles.

What are the contributions which can be made?

All artists assisted by the National Arts Council will be required to contribute in a positive way to the National Arts Council, either through participation in the NAC programme of activities, or making a contribution to the National Arts Council Collection (i.e. donations of music CDs, paintings or photographs, a DVD of a theatre of dance performance, etc.), in a way to encourage other artists as well as show the public proof of their contribution to the development of the Arts in Seychelles.

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